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The driving experience is formed in the major cities of: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Deutschland, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey and of course, Romania.

I know how to drive cars with manual transmission, automatic transmission, automatic with steptronic command both through steering wheel padels or a stick.

For 4 years I drove right hand side steering wheel cars in the United Kingdom.

On a daily basis I drive a Lexus IS and a Range Rover Sport.

From Dacia 1300 and the 70's VW Transporter to 55 AMG Mercedes Benz, 911 Porsche, Ferrari Modena and 580 brake horse power Audi RS6, all the cars made me an experienced driver and formed me abilities that I fully master and with the help of which I can drive...everything.

Ferrari on Silverstone Certificate

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